Getting a new start at 30-something

Super Who Brothers

Have you ever wanted to do something, but were told it is just not for you. For that matter have you told yourself that it was just not something you were good at, or have you ever said that you are just too old? Well for the past 30 some years I have told myself any variation of the above statements, while at the same time preaching to my friends that “you are never to old” to reinvent yourself.

It was not until recently that I decided to finally take my own advice. You see I was told as a child that art was not something that I was capable of doing. Despite the fact all I have always wanted to be able to draw and paint. It was a skill set that I had over the years believed the hype and became complacent.

After my second book came out I decided to take my own advice and sit down with my partner (who is my illustrator) and asked her to teach me. Since that time I have opened up a deviant art account , and have been slowly putting up my artwork on it.

So remember in the end no matter what anyone tells you, or what you think about yourself. You can do ANYTHING that you have a desire to do!

Now head on down and check out my art, and while you are there feel free to leave some comments on the artwork that you see.

Call of CthuWHO?

When someone invites you over play some table top roleplayings, what is the first thing that leaps into your mind? I am guessing that would be dungeons and dragons. For many, many years now the primary ruling genre of roleplaying has been fantasy, but what about the other genres that exist.

Table top roleplaying has numerous other genres that go unappreciated except for their diehard fan base. I am going to over the course of the next few weeks explore some of the different genres and corresponding systems.

Just recently I sat down to a wonderful game of Call of Cthulhu made by Chaosium. This is a horror based roleplaying game that is set in a dark version of our world originally dreamed up by H.P. Lovecraft. It is a world where nightmares are real, and you should be afraid of the dark. The setting can be anything from the old west to modern times.

The players take on the role of “investigators” which really are nothing more than average people caught up in extraordinary events. In this game a character can literally go insane, and/or die.

While this may seem a bit rough for the casual player, this game uses a very simplistic mechanic. Skills successes including combat are determined by percentile dice.

Character generation can be a bit intense however there are character random generators out there that can speed up this process, you will still have to spend skill points to purchase what skills you want your character to have.

If horror is your game, then head down to your local game shop and pick yourself up a copy of CoC and be prepared for a wonderful treat.